ABA Programs

Individualized Programs

ALSI specializes in ABA programs for clients of a variety of ages and skill levels. All programs are individualized and tailored to each child's needs. ALSI programs generally take place in the client's home or school setting and are supervised on a regular basis. 

Client programs are designed individually for each client. Programs are designed based on clinical recommendations, family priorities, client context and the family system. Parent and caregivers are involved in both identification of treatment goals and ongoing treatment decisions. 

Treatment methodologies used in ALSI programs include the methods of ABA and Precision Teaching. 


Applied behavior Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavior Analysis is the methodical use of behavioral principles to create interventions that focus on increasing desired skills and decreasing maladaptive behaviors by teaching replacement behaviors and communication. ABA can be used to teach any skill, and to address any behavior that is socially significant.


Precision Teaching (PT)

Precision Teaching is a type of teaching used within the field of Behavior Analysis. PT is a systematic method and decision-making framework used to maximize teaching efficacy. We use Standard Celeration Charts to graph each client’s data which allows us to closely monitor learning trends. Our data provide us with immediate feedback into the efficacy of our interventions, enabling us to only use the interventions proven to be successful, and to quickly change any interventions that are not producing the desired behavior/result.  


Interventions using Precision Teaching can be used for a variety of teaching formats including Fluency Based Instruction, Naturalistic Teaching, and Discrete Trial Training. The formats used in our programs have been carefully and individually selected to maximize learning potential for each client.

Staff Roles

Clinical Director

The Clinical director over sees all client cases in the company. The Clinical Director provides guidance to Consultants and overseas travel to conduct Assessments, Treatment Plan Development, Staff Training and Intervention. Each client will have an individualized schedule of visitation from the Clinical Director.  



The Consultant delivers assessments, designs the treatment package and treatment plan, and oversees staff training on each case. The Consultant on each case will have an individualized visitation schedule for each client, and that schedule will be based on the overall progress of each child’s case, as well as the progress with staff training.  


Program Manager

The Program Manager is responsible for the overall maintenance of the program, implementation of staff training procedures, and short-term decision making for each client. Should your child's team have a Program Manager, the Program Manager’s visitation schedule will be minimally one visit per week, as well as consultation by video throughout the week.


Lead Therapist/Therapist

The Lead Therapist or Therapist on your childs team provided the direct one-to-one intervention to your child. They work with clients on a regular basis and receive direct training and supervision from our clinical supervision staff. 

Phases of Intervention (Home Program)


At ALSI, it is important to us that we are a good fit for families, and that families are a good fit for our organization. The intake process consists of several steps that helps ensure a good match. If you are interested in services, please submit an Intake Inquiry and we will be in touch with you soon. 



Once the intake process is complete, and your child has been accepted as a client, the Assessment process begins. All clients begin treatment with a comprehensive assessment to examine all relevant aspects of the client’s repertoires and environment. Each child will be administered a tailored assessment package using a variety of assessments. Assessment types include Standardized Assessments, Criterion Referenced Assessments, Functional Behavior Assessments, Parent Interview Questionnaires and informal observational assessments. Your child may receive some, or all of the aforementioned assessments, or just the specific ones selected based on the nature of their skill set.


Assessments address all developmental repertoire areas including, Language skills - Receptive, Expressive, Pragmatic, Adaptive Skills, Social Skills, Executive Functioning Skills, Emotional Regulation Skills. Functional Behavior Assessments address challenging behavior. 


Treatment Planning

The treatment plan is a comprehensive document that summarizes assessment data and identifies treatment goals that will be addressed through intervention. The treatment plan creation takes between 2-4 weeks to complete, and does not need to be finalized for intervention to begin. 


Once the treatment planning process is under way, intervention can begin. Intervention hours will be set based on several factors. First, the number of treatment goals in the plan is taken into account. Second, client availability is considered. Decisions on number of hours and timing of sessions will be made based on these two factors.

In the initial start-up period, the Consultant/Supervisor and/or Program Manager will be highly involved. The program materials, data collection procedures and instructional plan will be developed and put in place. Once the program is in place, staff training will begin. 


Staff Training

Given our commitment to high quality services and ethical practice, staff training plays a significant role in each child’s intervention. All staff, Accelerate Learning Specialists International staff, as well as privately hired staff will go through an extensive and systematic training process that allows us to ensure the highest quality interventions for our clients. 

Other Services


Separate from our ABA intervention programs, we offer assessment services that are aimed to identify strengths and areas of concern across all domains. These assessments do not provide diagnostic information, but identify specific skills that an individual may struggle with and help to identify recommendations for intervention. If you are interested in Assessment services, please submit an Intake Inquiry


ALSI provides advocacy and consultation services for clients who are not ABA program clients. Advocacy and consultation services are offered for clients receiving services in school or outside services settings. 


ALSI provides a variety of training services. Training topics and intensity of training vary, and are designed for each client or organization receiving training. Trainings can be provided for teachers, BCBA's, or other professional level personnel. BACB Continuing Education Credits are available for qualifying training topics.  ALSI does not provide therapist training for therapists not working under the supervision of ALSI staff. 

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