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ABA Programs

ALSI specializes in ABA programs for clients of a variety of ages and skill levels. All programs are individualized and tailored to each child's needs. ALSI programs generally take place in the client's home or school setting and are supervised on a regular basis. 

Client programs are designed individually for each client. Programs are designed based on clinical recommendations, family priorities, client context, and the family system. Parent and caregivers are involved in both identification of treatment goals and ongoing treatment decisions. 

Treatment methodologies used in ALSI programs include the methods of ABA and Precision Teaching. 


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavior Analysis is the methodical use of behavioral principles to create interventions that focus on increasing desired skills and decreasing maladaptive behaviors by teaching replacement behaviors and communication. ABA can be used to teach any skill, and to address any behavior that is socially significant.


Precision Teaching (PT)

Precision Teaching is a type of teaching used within the field of Behavior Analysis. PT is a systematic method and decision-making framework used to maximize teaching efficacy. We use Standard Celeration Charts to graph each client’s data which allows us to closely monitor learning trends. Our data provide us with immediate feedback into the efficacy of our interventions, enabling us to only use the interventions proven to be successful, and to quickly change any interventions that are not producing the desired behavior/result.  


Interventions using Precision Teaching can be used for a variety of teaching formats including Fluency Based Instruction, Naturalistic Teaching, and Discrete Trial Training. The formats used in our programs have been carefully and individually selected to maximize learning potential for each client.

Individualized Programs
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