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Our staff have clinical expertise working with individuals across a wide range of skill levels. We have deep experience in working with Autistic individuals along with those who have a variety of other developmental needs. We also have varied experience in working with individuals who have learning disabilities, ADHD and other behavioral issues.


We provide care to our clients and families that stems from a compassionate approach. This means that we listen to the voices of our clients and families from the onset of our relationshop and throughout our time together. Our work is assent based and focuses on using gentle shaping approaches to help our client's build the skills they want and need so that they can live values based lives with those they care about. 


The breadth of our experience is working with clients Autistic individuals, or other related developmental abilities.  Between our staff, we have served over 200 children that are diagnosed as autistic ranging across the spectrum. This experience includes designing and supervising programming across early, intermediate, advanced and pragmatic language skills, adaptive skills, social skills, organizational skills and academic skills. We have experience working with those that have extremely challenging behavior as well as children that struggle with attention and motivation issues related to their learning.

Learning Disabilities

Our staff have a wide range of experience working with individuals diagnosed with a variety of learning disabilities including Dyslexia, to Dysgraphia, Auditory Processing Disorders, and ADHD.  Our experience in this area includes development and supervision of programming for Academic Skills, Memory, Organizational Skills, as well as foundational visual and auditory  skills. 

Who We Serve

Academic Tutoring

The beauty of the science of human behavior is that it can be applied to all types of learning to accelerate performance on a wide range of skills. We are excited to offer academic tutoring to learners of any ability. If your student needs to catch up, learn something that isn't being taught at school, or just needs extra practice with reading, writing or math, contact us to discuss our availability to meet your needs. 

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