Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of the principles of Behavior Analysis to change behavior in a socially significant way. It can be applied to teach and develop skills in any area, and across people of all skill levels. Given the flexibility of the science, we are able to serve people regardless of a diagnosis.

Our staff have clinical experience working with individuals across a wide range of skill levels. We have expertise in treating Autism along with a variety of other developmental disorders. We also have varied experience in working with individuals that have learning disabilities, ADHD and other behavioral issues. 


The breadth of our experience is working with clients that have Autism, or other related developmental disorders.  Between our staff, we have served over 65 children that have Autism diagnoses ranging across the spectrum. This experience includes designing and supervising programming across early, intermediate, advanced and pragmatic language skills, adaptive skills, social skills, organizational skills and academic skills. We have experience working with children that have extremely challenging behavior as well as children that struggle with attention and motivation issues related to their learning.

Learning Disabilities

In addition to working with children that have Autism, our staff have a wide range of experience working with children that have a variety of learning disabilities including Dyslexia, to Dysgraphia, Auditory Processing Disorders, and ADHD.  Our experience in this area includes development and supervision of programming for Academic Skills, Memory, Organizational Skills, as well as foundational visual and auditory  skills. 

Who We Serve

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