Liz Lefebre

ph. 206.914.9219


I love wine, chocolate, being outside, food, exploring, and my family! 

Laura Grant

ph. 317.966.3300


I love traveling, exploring restaurants, museums, theaters and concerts in new cities,

Carmen Fong 

I love cooking, practicing modern brush calligraphy and strength training. 

ph: 425.283.3788

Abigail Mariott

ph: 425.366.9503

I enjoy lettering, skiing and camping in my spare time. 

Jackie Spring 

ph: 206.388.7598


I love to spend time gardening, hiking and practicing partner acrobatics. 

Kody Barton

ph: 515.230.1721


I enjoy painting, cooking, travel and listening to a variety of music. 

Megan Rigler 

ph: 206.661.0832


I love gardening, cooking, making homemade hot sauces and crocheting. 

Sam Noble 

ph: 310.683.9881


I love to ride bike, play the ukelele, play video games and studying psychology. 

Stevie Falcon 

ph: 626.484.3556


I enjoy reading, yoga, talking walks and spending time with my family.

Heidi Thrash 

ph: 831.254.6792

I love to go rockhounding for gems, camping, and snorkeling any chance I get. 

Miranda Haskins 

ph: 360.301.0490


I love exploring local parks with my son, aerial yoga and practicing spanish. 

Kristin Smith 

ph: 458.830.6397


I love to take walks, reading a great book and cooking for my family. 

Tyler Grant 

ph: 316.209.8511


I love to go kayaking, taking my dogs for long walks and playing with my pet rats. 

Liz Lefebre